so i'm Sarah and this is my blog. i should warn you that this was intended to be a personal blog, so if you are triggered easily i'd advise not to follow. (disclaimer)  beautiful people These boys are practically my life. I track the tag burningbrighterstill. post limit []


If I introduce a movie to you, and we watch it together, I’ll be spending at least 99.9% of the time watching you to make sure you are responding correctly to the film.

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prrr i wanna rave again ;-; 

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i wanted to forget you for just one night but even when the chemicals reach my blood you’re still the only thing that crosses my mind. I guess that’s because maybe nothing medicates me like you do. i miss you.
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be the person your dog thinks you are

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Neck Deep - Losing Teeth
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Krist, Dave, and Kurt on the back of “Remembering Kurt Cobain 20 Years Later” Life Magazine.
i rmb feeling like this about school. that’s why i dropped out~ lol 


-boys that are against feminism
-boys that call girls sluts and whores
-boys that think a vagina gets loose after having a lot of sex
-white boys that use the n word

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